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Euro Cup 2008
Casillas lucky for his team
DNA | MUMBAI | SATURDAY, June 29, 2008
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My first prediction to come on print…back in 2008! Thank you DNA! I was doing a research on people, especially sportsmen, born in 1981. This was the time I had started understanding the power of planets Uranus and ‘Planet-Y’, a powerful exoplanet. The year 1981 was that rare year when both these super planets were at their strongest exaltation points. 1981 is a watershed year for sport superstars. I could see the advent of one such superstar in Iker Casillas. The first of the 1981 born guys to win two big events….the Euro and World cup in 2010. The other 1981 born to repeat this remarkable feat is Dhoni…he has won two World cups and two twenty 20 championships…phenomenal..isnt it?
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