We now offer you the tool that you always wanted.
You wanted to know the exact positions of the various planets at the time of your birth but didn’t know whom to ask.

We offer you this free tool which will calculate your birth chart accurately.
The positions of the planets in your birth chart can be known just with the input of your birth details.
You can either read your own birth chart or get it read by a competent astrologer.
This calculator also helps you know in which zodiac signs your ‘personal’ planets are placed-planets that determine your personality-Sun, Mercury and Moon.
You may be in for a shock…what you thought all your life to be your Sun Sign….may not be correct after all! Just check it out!

In Astro-Psychology, Sun rules the self-the ego. Mercury rules the thought processes and Moon rules the emotions. The position of Venus also colors the personality to an extent and adds spice to the personality.

We call it the ‘Astronality’ (Astro-Personality)
The forthcoming book of Greenstone Lobo will give you detailed descriptions of the 186 types of Astronalities based on the permutation and combination of the placement of Sun, Mercury and Moon.
So, what’s your Astronality combination?
  A horoscope is an exact photograph of all the planets in different zodiac signs during the time of your birth. The permutation and combination of these planets, asteroids and luminaries indicate where your life is headed towards.
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