BOOK ON ASTRO-PSYCHOLOGY : ‘What Is Your True Zodiac Sign?’, published by Celestial books.

In his first book, Greenstone deals with the most basic offshoot of astrology, astro-psychology. Here he questions the conventional belief that humans can be only of 12 types, representing the 12 Zodiac signs. The fact is that almost 98% of human beings are born with a combination of 2 or more zodiac signs. Hence there are not just 12 types of human beings, but at least 186 types of them. His new book will help you identify and know them.

In our daily life, we need to deal with real people, people with flesh and blood.Wouldn’t the world be a better place to live in if we learnt to know and understandour people?

This book will provide you with insights into all the people we deal with on a daily basis:what makes them tick, what motivates them, what they are sensitive to, what is uppermost in their mind, what would propel them to do great things, what their likes, dislikes are and, most importantly, how you can better your relationship with them.

Besides ‘knowing’ other people, the book will also help you take a long journey into yourself. Understanding ourself better and being aware of our triggers, natural abilities, traits and shortcomings can help us evolve into more mature and wiser human beings.

But how did Greenstone arrive at a calculation of 186 types? What is the logic behind it?

The fact of the matter is that the universe has been undergoing a wobble for thousands of years. The universe has slowly moved away from its place and is lying almost 3/4 zodiac sign away from its original place. Hence most of you thinking you are an Arian could actually be a Piscean!

The wisdom of our ancestors can be gauged from the fact that they knew of this phenomenon ages ago and had included the discrepancy in their calculations. This calculation is called the Nirayana method of calculation. The calculations done by Western astrologers, using the fixed zodiac, is called the Sayana method.

First things first. It’s important to realize that it’s not just the sun sign that makes up a person's psyche.Otherwise we would have only 12 different types of people in this world and the HR managers would have no problem in identifying their core competencies. All Geminis, Arians and Librans would be in sales;Cancerians would be cooking for all; we would have only Leo bosses; and poor Pisceans would never be promoted!

The fact is that our mental makeup is determined by the composition of the zodiac signs in which we have our sun, Mercury and moon. The sun rules the self, the ego. The moon rules our emotions and Mercury rules our mental processes.  The permutation and combination of these 3 ‘planets’ in the 12 zodiac signs renders 186 different types of human beings.

This simply meansthat you could have been born on 7th July 1981 and have your sun and Mercury in Gemini and moon in Leo and all your life you may have thought you were a Cancerian, but that is not true! MS Dhoni was born on this day and it’s very clear why he thinks on his feet (in fact, in any position) and has amazing reflexes, typical of a Gemini. He has taken to leadership like fish to water because he is natural at it, a la Leo.

Another case in point is the great Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin was born on 24th April 1973 and, yes, he is not a Taurean! Sachin has his sun in Aries, Mercury in Pisces and moon in Sagittarius. Hence he has the brutal power and fighting ability of an Aries, is extremely athletic and retains that childlike charm of a Sagittarian, and can read the mind of the opposition and change his batting style like a chameleon, typical of a Piscean.

So where does it leave you?What's your Rashee?

Well, you could get your horoscope done either using computer software (in the Nirayana method) or by a competent astrologer and settle the issue. There is, in fact, a need for a realignment of dates against the popular myth about when the sun changes signs.

The following table gives you the sun’s actual (Nirayana method) entry into the zodiac signs. This is your real sun sign!

14th April to 14th May Aries
15th May to 14th June Taurus
15th June to 16th July Gemini
17th July to 16th Aug Cancer
17th Aug to 16th Sep Leo
17th Sep to 16th Oct Virgo
17th Oct to 15th Nov Libra
16th Nov to 15th Dec Scorpio
16th Dec to 13th Jan Sagittarius
14th Jan to 12th Feb Capricorn
13th Feb to 14th Mar Aquarius
15th Mar to 13th Apr Pisces

This must be paradigm shift for many. The idea is not to break some well-established views for the sake of it, but to bring forth the truth.

A few astronomers have been claiming that they have discovered a 13th Zodiac sign and named it Ophiuchus.

Now, what is this Ophiuchus?

Ophiuchus is not a new discovery. It was known more than 3000 years ago to our ancestors and was originally calledAbhijita nakshatra (constellation) in Indian astronomy. Every zodiac sign consists of multiple constellations. For e.g., the zodiac sign Aries consists of multiple constellations like Alpha-Arietis, Beta-Arietis, Alcyone, etc. These constellations are named as Ashwini, Bharani and Kritika respectively in Indian terminology. Similarly, Ophiuchus is not a separate zodiac sign but a constellation. Ophiuchus, also known as Abhijita, is a part of the Sagittarius constellation. You cannot call Alpha-Arietis a separate zodiac sign;it’s a part of Aries. Similarly, you cannot call Ophiuchus a separate zodiac sign;it’s a part of Sagittarius.

So, don’t panic.There are still only 12 zodiac signs. But, what is important to you and me is to know the exact date when the sun changes signs and that is explained above. So, locate your exact sun sign. It could be different from what you thought.

When you read your horoscope, including all the other planets like Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Pluto, etc, you will be surprised to have an accurate insight into yourself. You will know why you have that little quirk in your character and that shade in your persona.

Greenstone Lobo’s book explains the same phenomenon in exhaustive detail without all the astrological jargon. While we talk about 12 or 13 zodiac signs, this book gives detailed, accurate descriptions of 186 different type of people, taking into consideration not just the placement of the sun, but also Mercury and the moon. It is an exhaustive work.

The long journey of conquering the world starts with a little step: knowing yourself.

Bon Voyage!

In 1999, after spending about 10 years on researching astrology on his own, Greenstone thought it was time to learn this science formally. By this time he had read and assimilated a few hundred books on astrology and every astrology magazine or article he could lay his hands on. He had also collected about 4000 horoscopes and was researching them. His research threw up many gaps and unanswered questions that these books couldn't quite fill satisfactorily. Besides, after reading them all he still had more questions than answers.

So he went and joined the best astrology school in the country to find all the answers. This was the Mumbai branch of a Delhi-based popular training institute focusing on Vedic astrology.

Slowly, Greenstone realized it hadn’t been such a good idea after all. The curriculum was outdated and the methodology was dull and slow. The astrologers behaved as though they were superior beings. Any reference to Pluto, Uranus, etc, was scoffed at. In fact, unnecessary emphasis was laid on creating a horoscope. In these modern times an accurate horoscope can be created in minutes using a computer software program.

This was a 2 year course. Even in the final semester the best students were none the wiser. After completing three months in this institute Greenstone left, greatly disillusioned. In 2011, one of Greenstone’s friends wanted to learn astrology and he returned to the same institute to find the same set of teachers, the same curriculum, the same methodology and the same plight of the students. He went around town looking for alternatives and saw many small-time astrology training centres in and around Mumbai that were even more disorganized and ambiguous in their teaching.

After 23 years of research, Greenstone now knows how one should NOT learn astrology. He has committed all the mistakes one possible could and has arrived at the most logical, and modern way to approach the subject. It helps that he is a Learning and Development professional with 15+ years of experience in designing curriculum and delivering it.

Greenstone is creating a modern, interactive, scientific, logical curriculum on astrology. This program will be facilitated and not taught. The answers will not be given upon a platter, but the students will be encouraged to do self discovery. The methodology of teaching will involve the most modern methods and tools of teaching available. The students will get to work on hundreds of horoscopes systematically, in a step-by-step logical manner to understand and decipher a horoscope in the correct way.

Greenstone is determined to compress the essence of his 25 years of research-based astrology into a one-year curriculum (only on Sundays: 50 sessions X 4 hrs). Teaching will involve the methodologies adapted by Fortune 500 companies to give learning solutions to their employees. It will be simple, duplicable and practical, involving thousands of case studies and will make one a professional modern astrologer by the end of the year.

Counselling is an important aspect of practising astrology and that will have a special focus too. The course will be designed to simplify things and not to complicate them. The idea is to make astrology more accessible and meaningful and not the domain of a privileged few. The teaching methodology will make sure that even a novice with no idea about or background in astrology can learn the science easily.

The programme curriculum is currently being developed and the school is scheduled to be opened by 2020-21. Workshops on various astrology modules started in 2016.


Greenstone also plans to publish a book on relationships. This book will help improve people’s relationships with others. It will lay threadbare the so-called mangliks, kaal sarp yoga, etc. The book will show, analytically, the dates of the people born in the most vulnerable times, especially those who may face relationship issues. The book will also help understand the causes behind, the possibility/fallout of early widowhood, early or late marriages, live-in relationships, extramarital affairs, sex scandals, sexual orientation, same-sex relationships, parent-child relationships, longevity of a relationship and long-distance relationships, etc. This book will also help identify and rehabilitate the possible victims of rape, murder, domestic and sex abuse etc.
Greenstone will also release a series of simple books to understand the exact significance of the planets Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Planets-X, Y, Z etc. These would be complete books by themselves and include original research materials with authentic horoscopes to back them up.
Greenstone will also release a series of simple books to understand the exact significance of the planets Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, besides the planets X, Y and Z. These will be complete books by themselves and will include original research material with authentic horoscopes to back them up.
  A horoscope is an exact photograph of all the planets in different zodiac signs during the time of your birth. The permutation and combination of these planets, asteroids and luminaries indicate where your life is headed towards.
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