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Consultation procedure

All your questions pertaining to consultation are answered here. Please do not send any queries or descriptions/additional information not asked for at this stage. Your form will automatically be rejected and the moneys will be refunded. It is best to allow Greenstone to look at your chart dispassionately, without any prejudices, before he arrives at a prognosis. Please read through the complete procedure before you go ahead with the formalities.


Get a Consultation


Before you learn about the consultation procedure, you might wish to know why you need to consult Greenstone.

Seven reasons why you should talk to Greenstone despite the fact that he doesn’t offer you traditional remedies for your problems

To know the truth: Many astrologers keep you in the dark about the magnitude of the problems you are facing and don’t tell you honestly how long the phase will last. Perhaps they underestimate your capacity to deal with the truth. Greenstone respects your strength and has faith in your ability to understand and address your troubles. He offers the truthful picture. However, not being prescribed traditional remedies does not mean you will receive no guidance or solutions at all. Only, they will be more practical suggestions, prudent for the situation at hand.

To have a correct reading: Traditional astrologers discount certain planets in their readings that they consider unimportant. Greenstone’s inclusion of all the planets, including Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and some celestial bodies such as Chiron, X, Y and Z gives a complete and holistic reading that may be very different from what you will receive elsewhere. You will get a very clear picture of the situation.

To make the picture less ambiguous: Five minutes into the session you will realize yourself that Greenstone is explaining things to you in the simplest way possible. Your horoscope will be explained systematically so that you know your life’s path and purpose with much greater clarity than before.

To have a thorough discussion over a longer period: With Greenstone it is never a monologue. Complicated terminology is not thrown at you at random and he never talks down to you. Your horoscope is discussed with you candidly and the methodology is not treated as if it is esoteric and exclusive to a few enlightened souls.

Value for money: Unlike some astrologers who give you ‘darshan’ and charge exorbitant prices for a 5 to 15-minute monologue, you get the complete analysis of your horoscope over the phone over a longer period, until you get a hang of the complete picture. All your questions related to the service you have chosen will be answered.

The power of timing: Greenstone may not give you yantra, tantra or mantra, but he does believe in the power of ‘timing’ an event. The inclusion of all the external planets will give you the most appropriate muhurats to suit your purposes/horoscope.

Peace of mind: After you have met or spoken to Greenstone, you will suddenly realize that a huge burden is off your shoulders. Depending on what you have come to him for, he will show you your potential and explain when you will achieve your dreams; or interpret why you have been through what you have been through and when that difficult phase will finally be over. If you haven’t had smooth sailing, he will delineate your karmic path and you will learn to accept the situation and live through the challenges, freeing yourself of guilt, self pity or anger.

Greenstone doesn’t usually meet anyone in person?


When you meet someone, the person’s dressing style, conversation skills and body language can reveal a lot about them. Greenstone doesn’t want to be influenced by any of these while trying to arrive at a prognosis. He believes it is best to let the client’s birth chart do the talking, without any external influences being imposed upon it. Besides, it is not always feasible to arrange one-on-one meetings.

Therefore, he would appreciate it very much if you could avoid sending questions or information regarding yourself or your troubles right at the beginning. Let him form his own ideas without any prejudices first. Rest assured that the telephonic conversation will be as a good as a personal meeting. In fact, it may be even better. You can sit in the comfort of your home, office or a park and hold a conversation about your personal challenges without feeling you are being judged. It may also be easier for you to ask questions that may be a little awkward to ask in person.

Greenstone has successfully advised, telephonically, over 5000 clients across the globe and carried out another 5000+ consultations in person. At present he prefers telephonic consultations to meeting in person.

Consultation Language
The discussion is in simple English or Hindi or Hinglish and devoid of any astrological jargon. The chart is explained in a layman’s language.

Consultation Options
Seven types of consultation options are available – for new and returning clients. Do read through the complete list before you decide upon the option that suits you best.

Complete Horoscope Analysis -


Rs. 3900/$70 for 90 minutes
Age limit: 11 yrs to 65 yrs, new clients

There are 12 planets, 2 stars and 2 nodes in a birth chart that contain the complete story of your life. Greenstone will help unravel the mystery of your life while deciphering the meaning of each placement of the planets and celestial bodies.

There are four parts in the analysis:

A) Your psychological make-up (about 10 mins): This is somewhat like a SWOT analysis of your personality. Greenstone will unveil your true personality, sifted from all the facades one puts up for the various roles one usually plays in life. You will get a clear understanding of your inherent strengths and weaknesses.

B)Your horoscope (about 40 mins): Every horoscope is like a kaleidoscope and throws up a pattern that is uniquely YOU! The major planetary positions explain the major theme(s) of your life and your life’s purpose. Greenstone will also deep-dive into the various facets of your life, including your area of work, your financial status, the magnitude of your success, your relationships, health and even the possibilities of accomplishing your self-actualization needs. All of this is done without you giving any information about yourself, except the correct birth data.

C)Time lines (about 15 mins): A year by year analysis of the various significant events that have occurred in the past, the current status of your life, and how and when other important events will unfold in the future. By the end of the comprehensive analysis, you will be amazed at how our lives play out their destiny and how all that has happened in your life so far is not a random accident. And then you can be confident that the future events will not happen by chance either.

D)Q-A session (the rest of the time): In this section, Greenstone will take up all your questions that were unanswered so far. There is no limit to the number of questions you can ask.

Career Analysis -


Rs 2500 / $50 45 minutes

In the modern times, there are several career options available to a person. Your education or first few jobs do not necessarily define what your career will eventually be. There are regular people quitting jobs to become life coaches, homemakers becoming entrepreneurs and doctors becoming politicians. The list is endless and so are the possibilities.

What exactly are the possibilities in my life?

Astrology can answer this question very clearly.

In this 3-step process, Greenstone will first describe the various areas of work, i.e., domains where you can be successful. When he explains the keywords, you will be able to relate them to the work that you have been doing so far or probably see yourself doing in the future. Sometimes, he may talk about something that has always been your secret desire (current career or career switch) that you have never shared with anyone. He will also elaborate on the scale of success you can look at.

In the second step, he will look into the timelines of your career in the past, the current status and what the future looks like.

The third segment will involve answering all your questions such as whether this is the right time for a job switch, the possibilities of you being an entrepreneur, or anything else you may have in mind regarding your career.

If you are less than 24 years old (or your child is), please go in for the child horoscope, which also includes a complete career analysis.

One-On-One Personal Consultation with Greenstone -


Rs 5900

There are a few people who find satisfaction only when they meet and talk to an astrologer in person. This option is exclusively for them.

Greenstone has successfully counselled thousands of people over the phone. To be quite honest, there is no real need for a personal meeting. A phone call is just as good and serves the purpose well enough. In fact, many times a phone call is better since it makes it easier for people of either sex to open up and discuss subjects without hesitation that they would find difficult to broach in person.

If you do arrange a one-on-one meeting with Greenstone, you need not prepare yourself. He will look at your horoscope and arrive at his own prognosis. After he has given you his analysis, you can go ahead and ask your questions and discuss relevant topics.

The meeting time will be 90 mins max. The date and time of the meeting will be fixed according to mutual convenience. You can expect a waiting period of 10-15 days, depending upon Greenstone’s schedule and availability. This facility is available only to clients from Mumbai. Clients from Delhi and other cities where Greenstone conducts astrology workshops can also avail of this facility with prior appointment.

Your Child’s Horoscope -


Rs 2500 / $50 60 minutes;
Age limit of child: 5 years to 24 years; new & returning clients.

Remember the days when we started off our career? Some of us weren’t sure if that path was the right one until we hit our forties. Some of us trudged over a certain road because our parents wanted us to. Some of us simply took up something because it was a fad at that time, because of peer pressure, or maybe out of plain ignorance.

We certainly wouldn’t want our children to go through the uncertainties we went through. There are millions of career options available for today’s generation that makes it even more difficult for them to decide what they wish to do.

It always helps if you can narrow down the choices using astrology. Astrology can help us choose the best path for our children. If the astrological projection shows the child transforming people’s lives by creating extraordinary living spaces, there is no point in forcing them to take up medicine simply because that was your dream. As a modern parent you need to understand that your child can even take up sports professionally, and make a success of it, if that is their area of interest and if their birth chart too endorses it.

Not sure if your child’s unusual choice of career will hold well in their future? You can be sure after this chat.

The child must be at least six years of age, as only at this age or later can we understand their interests and gauge if allowing them to pursue their hobby/passion professionally will bear fruit in the future or if they are destined to make a name in some other field. Only in cases where you can see your child exhibiting traits of a prodigy would we advise a consultation under the age of 6.

Secondly, we will also analyze the relationship status of your child. Will they be better off being married young or does the horoscope show painful relationships ahead and it may be better to postpone the decision to marry? Will there be multiple relationships or marriages?

The discussions will focus more on career and/or relationships and the timelines will be covered accordingly. If you need more in-depth analysis of the other aspects of life as well, then we recommend you to go in for the Complete Horoscope Analysis. 

Please note that only a parent/grandparent/guardian of the child can go in for this analysis.

Match Making -


Rs 1000 / $20
New & returning clients.

Remember: whatever is destined, and seen in the horoscope, will happen. Marriages are definitely made in heaven (or hell in some cases).There is no escape from that.

Greenstone will match the horoscopes of the couple and tell you what the future outcome will be if they are married, and what their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual compatibility will be like.  Will the marriage last forever? Can there be relationship issues? Will there be issues with childbirth?  How will the relationship be with the in-laws? How stable will the alliance be financially? Will the alliance end in a divorce?

All these questions will be answered.

Greenstone will NOT recommend you to get yourself (or your child) married to someone in particular; he will simply acquaint you with the facts that the potential alliance will bring into play. Going in for the alliance or not will be completely your own decision.

About 15-25 mins per pair of horoscopes to be matched:

In this consultation, we will compare the potential couple’s charts and look out for indications regarding how the relationship will unfold.

That ‘Important’ Person in Your Life!


Rs2000/ $40/ 45 minutes
For new and returning clients.

At a special moment in your life you meet someone with whom you feel a karmic connection. Aha! Did you just meet your ‘twin soul’? Will a relationship with this person be short-lived or will it take the ‘and they lived happily ever after’ route? 

You haven’t met that special someone for some time; it seems a vacuum has developed between the two of you. Is the relationship between you over or will they be back again in your life?

If this ‘important’ person is someone you intend to marry, then a detailed analysis of the physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual compatibility will be discussed. There will also be focus on the future together in terms of health, children, career, longevity of the marriage, influence on each other and potential pitfalls if any.

This ‘important’ person in your life doesn’t necessarily mean a love interest. It could be your boss, mother-in-law, a colleague, a sibling or a friend.

When you can’t push them out of your mind, or your relationship with them is strained, or you simply want to know the other person better, astrology offers a practical view. We will require the precise birth data of both of you. If the time of birth of the other person is unavailable, it will obviously not be possible to decipher much, especially if you intend it to be a long-term relationship.

While filling up the form, please put in only your own birth details. You can message the birth details of the other person to Greenstone when he asks for them a little later.

Returning Clients Special -


Rs. 900 / $15 /15 mins
For returning clients.

This is an exclusive offer for clients who have already availed of Greenstone’s services before. You have already had a long and detailed discussion about your chart over a year ago. Now something interesting/stressful/promising has turned up in your life and you want to make an informed decision. Or perhaps you need a quick astrological perspective on recent events and want to know what to do about a particular situation. Or maybe you are just confused about certain things in life and need some clarity that speaking to Greenstone will provide. Whatever it may be, let us get connected.

Business people Special -


Rs. 3900/$70/ 30 mins
For first time clients.

You are a first-generation entrepreneur who wants to start a business. Starting it at a propitious moment is very important if you want it to be profitable. Greenstone will help you in three steps here. First of all, he will tell you if being an entrepreneur really suits your horoscope. Secondly, he will tell you if this is the right time to take the plunge or, if not, what the ideal time will be. He will also tell you if your business partner’s horoscope is good for you or not; whether the line of business you have chosen is right for you and if it will be profitable; where you can expect to see yourself 10 years down the line; whether you will really make it big or remain an average businessperson.

If you are already into business, then Greenstone will assess your situation and give inputs on questions like: Will it be a good decision to continue with it? Are there chances of the business failing at any point? If already failing, is there a possibility of revival? Will it be better to sell it off? Should you continue with your family business or take up something new? Which new fields can you invest in?

We can assure you that having had your horoscope assessed for business will give you peace of mind by the end of the session.

Just one question! -


Rs 1200/ $17 15 minutes
Age limit – 16 to 70 years, New clients.

Someday you may want a holistic understanding of your horoscope and all its possibilities by opting for the complete horoscope analysis. But right now you are keen on a quick answer to an important question. Astrology can give you a perspective on the probable outcomes. Some of the most frequently asked questions include: “Is this the right time for me to shift to a new job?”, “Does my chart indicate settling in a foreign country?”, “When will I get married?”, “Will I be blessed with a child?”, “When will this troublesome period end?”, “Can I just go ahead with this?”

Greenstone offers a quick and crisp analysis of your immediate past, the current situation and the answer to your burning question. You will be able to make an informed decision after taking into account the celestial quotient too.


Procedure for telephonic consultation if you are located anywhere in India:

Please fill up the form below, submit, make the payment via a debit/credit card and you will receive an acknowledgement mail.

Please DO NOT mention anything else on the form. Do allow Greenstone to go through your horoscope without any prejudices or preconceived notions. Allow him to read the chart and arrive at his own conclusions.

Within few hours of the receipt of payment, you will get a confirmatory SMS. You can then fix up a mutually convenient day and time with Greenstone, or his team, to talk about your horoscope in detail. Please remember, the normal waiting time is around a week. It may be less or more, depending upon Greenstone’s schedule for the month.

Greenstone will call you on the appointed day at the appointed time. The duration of the call will depend on the service you have opted for. It includes a thorough discussion on your horoscope and also answers to all your questions.

You can tape the conversation at your end or take quick notes. No audio tapes or emails about the conversation will be sent from our end.

Procedure for telephonic consultation if you are connecting from any country other than India:

Please go to the bottom of this page and click on: If you are connecting from any country other than India, please click here:

If you have a Paypal account, you can click on the other option.

The entire procedure for consultation is the same as above, except that, in this case, you will need to call Greenstone from your country, instead of the other way round, on the mutually convenient day and time. You can mail your queries at and fix up a day and time for the consultation.


What if I don’t know my time of birth? 
The time of birth is the most important factor in making a birth chart. Sometimes, about 120 minutes won’t make a difference but, at other times, even 2 minutes could make a massive difference if you were born at a time when a planet’s position changed.

‘Sometime in the evening’, ‘just before sunrise’, etc, don’t really help. ‘Between 09:15-09:45 pm’ is still a workable time range. The less ambiguous your time of birth is, the clearer and more correct the analysis will be. In fact, it’s best not to ask for a consultation if you are not sure of your time of birth.

Will I get recorded conversation or a tape?
Unfortunately, given the number of calls we need to address in a day, it is not feasible for us to provide recorded audio files of the conversation to the clients. You may record it at your end or take quick notes.

Does Greenstone teach astrology according to his own methodology?

Yes, he does. He conducts 2-day workshops on astrology (plus 30 days of follow-up on WhatsApp), where one can learn in 2 days what is taught in over a year in a traditional astrology school. You can mail Greenstone for details of the course and the cities where the workshops are held.

This video gives a quick glimpse of what to expect from the course:

Can I invite Greenstone for charity/corporate events and private parties?

Can I invite Greenstone to give a talk on astrology to my club/organization?
Yes. Greenstone’s experience as a corporate trainer for more than 2 decades helps him create and conduct events that are both educative and entertaining.

Can we invite Greenstone to be a guest on a radio show?
Absolutely. Greenstone has done many shows for Indian and American radio stations that have included predictions on air about sports events and also interactive sessions with a live audience.

Can Greenstone write a column for us in our magazine/newspaper?
Greenstone already writes sports predictions for DNA, and AnandaBazar Patrika. He is open to writing predictions about popular events, showbiz, celebrities and current affairs.

What kind of a clientele does Greenstone have?
For obvious reasons we cannot reveal Greenstone’s list of clients here. However, they do come from all over the globe and from all walks of life. Greenstone is also a consultant astrologer to many well-known sports and Bollywood personalities, other celebrities, business heads and politicians.

Rest assured that everything you discuss with Greenstone will be held in strictest confidence. Maintaining the client’s privacy is of paramount importance in a field like ours.

Can Greenstone change the fate of a person?

No. Greenstone cannot change anyone’s fate; neither can any other astrologer in the world. Greenstone doesn’t claim to be an enlightened soul who gets an ESP, hunch or a ‘higher’ message to convey to people. He is not a medium, an exorcist or a priest. He does not do black magic and neither does he promise to change your life within 48 hours. He has been researching astrology since 1986 and practising it professionally since 2003. His interpretations and opinions are not intended to replace recommendations by a doctor, lawyer, therapist or financial advisor.
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