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US Presidential election Prediction in Facebook

Faceebook, November 6, 2012 at 11:46am

Who will win the US Presidential elections?

November 6, 2012 at 11:46am
Will we have a ‘new’ American President? 

In less than 72 hours we will know who it would be: Will it be the challenger Mitt Romney or the incumbent Barack Obama? 

Planets seem to be in favour of Barack Obama retaining his position as the face of the largest economy in the world! 

But there is an interesting ‘twist’ in the tale though! 

Obama would become President once again, not just because he has a fabulous horoscope but also because he has some unfulfilled Karma. 

Obama was born with an outstanding horoscope; with Pluto, the most powerful planet in the universe in its deepest exaltation. This dominant position has made him the most powerful man on the planet. Ironically, Pluto is also exalted in his 8th house, which would have some far reaching effects. There would be some very interesting events that can unfold in his life that can simply shock the world.

Obama has Pluto at 13 degrees in Leo, in exaltation, the deepest negative exaltation of Pluto. He had become President the first time when the US was going through a crisis. He was at the helm of affairs when the world economy was slowing down. 

He had to build consensus and couldn’t simply go ahead with rash decisions and had to be weary of each resolution that he had to take. 

He didn’t have a honeymoon period and can never be called the luckiest President of US. This has happened due to the not-so-favourable placement of the powerfully exalted Pluto. 

Certain other features in his horoscope are not promising either; He has Mars in his 8th, Rahu in 8th, together with Pluto exalted in 8th-all ominous signs. Add the fact that he has a strong Saturn in his 1st house of personality, Jupiter-the 12thlord of losses, sitting in his first house along with Saturn-and the picture is not encouraging at all.

All these factors add up to the reality that Obama may not have a glorious end to his career and life. If he loses the 2012 Presidential election and is not re-elected then he may be just an ex-President. But his first, twelfth, sixth and eighth houses very clearly show that his karma is not over yet. He may face some extraordinary circumstances soon in his life which may shock the world. That can happen only if he becomes a President again. 

What could be the events that can unfold after Barack Obama becomes a President again? 

That’s not very easy to forecast, as the eighth house which is seriously afflicted in his horoscope can indicate many events. It can be a personal thing as a major health issue to a more far fetching drastic situation like a scandal or a major disgrace which would eventually make him fall from his exalted position. In the worst scenario, it can even mean a violent death; due to accidents or even assassination. 

It is very likely that these events can happen while Barack Obama is in the office, as the event becomes extraordinarily remarkable in that case. The planetary positions in his horoscope just indicate that. 

Coming back to the Presidential elections; Mitt Romney has a good horoscope too-but probably not good enough to be a President. It would be a matter of too near yet too far for Romney. 
Some very interesting four years ahead; especially if Obama becomes the President! 

Let’s wait and see what the future has in store.

"The US Presidential election is easier to predict than the outcome of the Indian elections. The reason is because of the simple faceoff between two people. The person with the best horoscope wins. Simple!
But Barack Obama won it the second time because a twist in fate awaits him this time. Hi Pluto is exalted and is placed in the eighth house of mysteries and colossal upheavals.
Obama had a great meteoric rise in life…his fall would be equally dramatic.

Expect some extraordinary events to unfold in his life in the next 3-4 years "
  A horoscope is an exact photograph of all the planets in different zodiac signs during the time of your birth. The permutation and combination of these planets, asteroids and luminaries indicate where your life is headed towards.
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