Section 1 – Consultation

Section 2 – ‘Astrology Simplified’ – 2 Days Training Program by Greenstone :

Kartik Srinivasan

Can Astrology be learnt in 3 days? The answer is yes. I had no clue or belief about astrology till I attended Greenstone Lobo's workshop. His simple, easy to use methodology, not to forget countless examples made real life application super easy. I could not only analyze charts with ease but also accurately predict the finer specificities in a person's chart which takes years to master using traditional techniques. Today, people call me an accurate astrologer and its all thanks to this workshop. Greenstone is a patient teacher blessed with a pleasing demeanor who doesn't sugarcoat possibilities. I highly recommend this workshop to aspiring astrologers as Greenstone does not just 'walk the walk' or 'talk the talk, he is the real deal who actually walks the talk.

Amit Naik

Occult sciences have always been an intriguing subject for many. I was also one of the millions who search for the known in the unknown realms of this vast universe. Having faced heart breaking challenges at a young age, our family has been consulting astrologers for as long as I can remember. Some good, some bad, some very serious and some who claimed to be lost in the mystical ways of the world. None of them actually could give the answers to the many Whys that we had. After a loss of a sizable sum behind an answer, I decided to learn astrology myself and at the age of 18 I had started reading horoscopes professionally. However, there were many cases including my own life where the knowledge that was known to me seemed to lack something. That something which would add the missing link to the mystery that life was to me, as it is to many others. So the journey began from one course to the other. Tarot, Feng Shui, Runes, numerology, Vastu and some known branches of astrology were the paths chosen for my journey. But none of them got the mind even close to that Missing Link. As luck and time had its own mind, one day i stumbled upon Greenstone's Video on youtube talking about Planets never heard like Chiron, Planet X, Planet Y and yes the importance given to the other wise neglected planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The next in line was to buy his Book on the Zodiac signs. It opened a completely new thought process for me. Post which the obvious thing to do was to Do the 2 day course offered by Greenstone. I think I was one of the last ones to register for the course and the course was in a weeks time. The first question that my astrologer friends asked me was how one could teach astrology in 2 days but my mind convinced me that there was nothing to loose and if anything it could only add to the knowledge base I had.

But let me tell u that after attending the first day of the course, every notion idea and doubt I had was put to rest. In fact i totally Reset my brain of all i had learnt in the past. The course was amazing and to top it all the research done by Greenstone is so much in depth that you can actually feel the confidence being transferred to you at every step of the course. The Language, methodology and the course material is so simple and easy to comprehend even to a new comer. What is most impressive about the methodology is its Scientific Basis of every thing we were taught. Greenstone is not only an amazing coach, but is also a great mentor and does not stop monitoring, motivating and guiding you even after the course is completed. Apart from sharing Peculiar charts and readings with us after the course, he goes one step further and not only does he share all the research he is continuously doing on Astrology, but he also involves us and indulges in healthy arguments with all his students. Learning this Course has made me erase all the information i had about astrology. It has for the first time given me an answer to Each and every WHY I Ever had for as long as I can remember.

Iv even urged my friends to go for the course and their experience was no less perfect than what i felt. One glance at a horoscope, using Greenstones method and study, a novice can predict what took me at least 10 years of study with various Branches of astrology. The 2 days was one of the best investments of my life. Not only has it changed my life and perspective to astrology as a science but has also helped all the people who have consulted me for a reading. For the first time I realized how it felt to be in control.

Would be right to say that Greenstone has taught us to swim in this vast sea of Astrology in just 2 days. How much of an ace Swimmer we make of ourselves would depend on our dedication and perseverance towards regular practice. Every person is born with ones Own Karma, the Horoscope reflects that Karma and the ways the Planets manifest them is for us to decipher. I Thank Greenstone for his amazing course which has given me the basic tools and motivation to make me an expert in Astrology.

It is a must for every person who was has ever asked God, life or the Universe the question Why? and What next ?

Violet Sookhadwala

I was always interested in astrology for long tried few classes but not much progress for time consuming and had to have lots of patience. Finally came to know of Greenstone Lobo astrology and totally happy and satisfied. The best part of astrology by Greenstone is that he delivers this heavy subject in a very simplified and interesting fun way in 3days making us capable of predictions with 30days of practice keeping our interest alive. The best course seen so far in a short time. Highly recommended for new learners with a passion to learn.

Thank you Greenstone sir for sharing your valuable knowledge with us wishing you the very best always. Violets2550@gmail.com

Ranjeet Kumar

I was very keen and fascinated about astrology from many year’s but haven’t get chance to learn in very short period of time from anywhere, most of the course was too lengthy and time taking but I was amazed when one of my close-knit friend said about Greenstone Lobo, who teach True Astrology in just 2-3 days in very simplified way, who has done 25 years of intense research in astrology and self-discovered new concept with exciting finding of decoding hidden planetary language to unfold individuals life from his/her chart. As myself belongs from scientific background, I always wanted to learn astrology by someone who can teach scientifically with some concrete research oriented basic concept rather than follow traditional astrology. After knowing greenstone lobo,I was surprised and said Wow, that’s what I was looking forward to learning astrology for decoding the hidden planetary language of individuals life.

I was so excited to join the course and learn simplified true astrology from greenstone lobo but before attending the course was having little doubts, how much and what I going to get learn in just 2 days course, but from the first day interaction with greenstone lobo my doubts getting clear like crystal, as he taught me in very simplified way by self-discovered tools where I learned, how quickly read and decodes any individuals planetary chart.

In two-day course I enjoyed a lot and learned so many things, that no were written by any traditional astrologer.After finishing 2-day course he started 30 days intense analysis on individuals chart, that was very exciting where he personally evaluates each and everyone’s assessments and explained critical issue and give feedback, that was true test and learning for me, where I got a confidence, yes, I can learn astrology in short period of time. In 30 days he shared number of charts who belongs from different class of personality like a politician, sport star, doctor, business man, scientist, common man etc. that help me to understand the hidden and unfolded codes of planetary manifestations. Having just completed level 001 and level 002 by greenstone lobo, I wanted to say how very very pleased I am with both the classes and more practically with lobo sir, way of teaching. I love how he teach and explains such a complicated concept of astrology in a very simplified way that is easy for the lay person to understand how to decipher individuals birth chart by just reading planetary languages and codes to unfold hidden mystery of individuals personality. Greenstone lobo is a highly scientific, skilled, esoteric research oriented astrologer, guide, coach, teacher moreover he just like a friend, who always in courage learner to do more and more practice, do some self-research and find something new that’s give us confidence a learner like me. I highly recommend greenstone lobo for those who have interest in learning compact, intense, understandable, research oriented simplified true astrology, can join hand with us.

Prasoon Saxena (Electronics Engineer), Mumbai

The learning that could have cost me 2 or 3 years, and that had a fright of getting back to square one , Greenstone Lobo sir who made very simple by introducing ‘True Astrology’ in Simple Way, I never imagine that i can learn Astrology in 2days. The learning of "True Astrology" I received through Greenstone sir was not only valuable but also very effective with accurate prediction (a person profession, life, wealth & all key aspects of a born person etc) and i learned that what is the actual impact of planets when it is placed in different zodiac & viz-viz houses along with severity of positive & negative manifestation on individual person, The most important part forces of planets based on hierarchy orders & to understand the different exaltation points of planets in a zoidac sign . This is really remarkable achievement by Greenstone Sir who done ~25 years of hard research in field of Astrology & to understand the impact of Planets & bring us to understand the actual true astrology. A person known by his knowledge, Quality & hard work, I share my deepest gratitude to Greenstone Sir for letting me grow through true & actual learning. It will always be one of the biggest , unforgettable moments and true knowledge contributors to my life. Once again, I want to thank you for being my mentor and guide and take me through this awesome journey in a simple way. I will definitely suggest this course mentored by you to my colleagues, and family, as it had made me aware of the importance and effectiveness of it.


Sudhanshu Saxena

Astrology is a scientific subject and though many often question the credibility of the predictions and sometimes wrong predictions often leads to big question mark on astrology itself. Besides, most often there had been ‘copy and paste’ kind of approach that has been followed since decades. This has led to lack of focussed intensity that was truly required to bring the best of out of it. When I saw the advertisement related to true astrology by Greenstone lobo, the first and the foremost thing that struck my mind was that “How it can be taught in just 2-3 days?” Chain of thoughts started flashing in the mind one after the other and then I thought that if a person is advocating with so much confidence backed with simplicity, there is certainly something in store for the learners!! In his approach, he does not basically negate prevailing concepts, instead he has formulated a set of innovative concepts through which deciphering the planetary codes becomes simple yet emphatic.

During the learning stage itself it became very much evident how much heart, soul and mind has been put in bringing the novel concepts. After the course was over, 30 days intensive analysis on one chart per day was very exciting. This was the actual testing period where he assessed everyone’s assessment personally and provided critical feedbacks. Interesting fact of this period was that he made us learn! Good thing was that he shared wide variety of charts belonging to different class of personalities be it common man, twins, politician, astronauts, scientist etc so that we can understand the height and depth of the planetary manifestations!

He is very punctual of the timings and he never wastes a minute in junk and useless discussions. After the course was successfully over, it became very much clear that ‘Yes, astrology can really be taught in 2 days”. However, one’s predictive potential totally depends upon how much practise has been infused thereafter. The other important aspect is the remedies part! This is something very unique and altogether different where management of the planetary transits is detailed. Personally speaking, this management itself is a remedy of all the remedies. This course is a very good platform for those who are really and honestly interested in learning the real astrological aspect of the astrology. He clarifies various issues such as education, academics, career, marriage, business, health etc and that too with several examples. And he encourages everyone to choose mini topics and start researching on their charts to decipher something new. His intention has never been to arguably and forcefully prove something. Instead, his course foundation is based upon the active research that has been done with thousands of charts through which he has been able to successfully come up with novel software that precipitates the most important planetary reactions. Not knowing a subject, partly knowing a subject and fully acquainted with the entire A-Z of astrology have different impacts on the predictive aspect of astrology. So one can decide which category one wishes to be and the choice is yours!! One thing is very much certain that at least one can understand one’s own purpose of life and how this journey would be or would have been! This certainly helps to come out of illusion and face the truth with more robustness. It is not just a ‘pay and learn’ kind of course but a novel journey that takes you to the real astrological destination with extremely simplistic, understandable and reproducible approach.


Rajgopal Pillai

Greenstone, YOU are amazing! Excellent Trainer who gave real examples to back up his excellent theory. A course that was practical, real, focused and lots of good techniques shared that gave me the opportunity to really think in a different tangent. 

In short for a lay man it will be stepping stone and for a seasoned profession it will be a new dimension.

Happy Learning,

Rajgopal Pillai

अवनीश जैन
ग्रह नक्षत्र और तारे बचपन से ही आकर्षित तो करते थे मगर ज्योतिष या एस्ट्रोलॉजी को जब भी सीखने का मन हुआ तो विषय की कठिनाई और समय की कमी ने कदमों को थाम लिया।जब पहली बार ग्रीनस्टोन लोबो जी ने ट्रू एस्ट्रोलॉजी की 2 दिन की वर्कशॉप मुम्बई में घोषित की तो सोचा चलो सिर्फ 2 दिन की बात है कुछ तो सीख ही जायेंगे ,हालांकि ये भी सोचा कि हम 2 दिन में क्या सीखेंग
पहले दिन वर्कशॉप प्रारम्भ होने के सिर्फ 2 घंटे बाद ही मजा आने लगा क्योंकि बहुत कुछ समझ आ रहा था।और ये क्या सिर्फ 2 दिन के बाद हॉरोस्कोप खुद बोल रहीं थीं।ग्रहों का प्लेसमेंट,राशियों के घर,उच्च स्थान,उनका गिरना या डेबीलेट होना ये सिर्फ एक दर्शक की नजरों का खेल नहीं था बल्कि हम खुद खिलाड़ी बन के खेल रहे थे और इस विशाल और गूढ़ विषय की गहराइयों में गोते लगा रहे थे।30 दिन तक व्हाट्सएप्प ग्रुप में रात दिन प्रैक्टिकल करके चार्ट्स को देखना,समझना,अनुमान लगाना और सही निकलने पर जो मजा आने लगा तो फिर अपने परिचितों से उनकी बर्थ डिटेल्स ले ले कर उसका विश्लेषण का भी एक नया जुनून हो गया।इस 2 दिन के वर्कशॉप से ही इतना आत्मविश्वास बढ़ा की जब पहला सेकंड लेवल वर्कशॉप लोबो जी ने रखा तो उसमें भी तुरंत रजिस्ट्रेशन करा लिया।आज पूरे आत्मविश्वास से किसी की भी कुंडली देखना उसके भविष्य का विचार करना,कॅरियर, विवाह,बीमारी,संबंध,व्यवसाय से लेकर देश विदेश,खेल और राजनीति की उठापटक पर अपने साथ के ट्रू एस्ट्रोलॉजर्स के साथ या अपने क्लाइंट्स के साथ चिंतन करना और सही निष्कर्ष पर पहुंचना दैनिक कार्य है तो सिर्फ इसी 2 दिन की वर्कशॉप में सीखे गए बेसिक्स के कारण।एक सफल ज्योतिष सलाहकार बनना तो हमारी मेहनत और किस्मत के हाथ में है मगर एस्ट्रोलॉजी को समझना और उसकी सहायता से दूसरों की मदद करना या उन्हें सही राह दिखाना सिर्फ हमारे हाथ में है।
अवनीश जैन,
वास्तु एवं ज्योतिष सलाहकार,
  A horoscope is an exact photograph of all the planets in different zodiac signs during the time of your birth. The permutation and combination of these planets, asteroids and luminaries indicate where your life is headed towards.
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