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Argentina, France Favourites

Investment bank UBS ran 10000 simulations and forecasted Germany to win the Football World Cup. Goldman Sachs ran 10,00,000 simulations & predicted that Brazil would be Champions. I used 12 planets and 64 horoscopes (captains and coaches) to arrive at France or Argentina as the World Champions. 
Well, Astrological calculations proved to be better than even algorithms of banks. 

Conviction in the planets made me do a video on the same, even before a ball was kicked in the tournament.

I do predictions only to showcase that whatever is supposed to happen…will! 
The remnants of our past life karmas will unfold as various good or bad events in this lifetime and can be seen in our birth charts. 
All those tantra, yantra, mantra, changing the spelling of the name or wearing precious stones won’t change anything!
So no need to consult an astrologer, including me 



Can India win the 2019 World Cup? Can Kohli beat Tendulkar’s records? Can Ganguly become the BCCI president?Can the results of sports events be predicted?

` What is your True Zodiac Sign?

The study of the actions and comparative positions of spiritual bodies understood as having an impact on human activities and the natural world is known as Astrology.

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